Tim Haase

Geburtsdatum: 26.10.1993

Next to music: all for the music at the time

Instrument: Gitarre, Gesang

Equipment: Stratocaster, FGN Masterfield-Semi, Fender-tubeamp

Musical master: Maybe Hendrix? Definately Mr. Tomczyk, too, my first guitar
teacher – thanks Gerhard!

Favorite bands: The Beatles, Hendrix Experience, Tame Impala

most important musician: Hendrix, but that’s a silly question. Whose idea
was that thing here actually?

First album: seriously? -Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5… Actually okay, isn’t it? I
got it from my sister.

Song at your wedding: Star Wars Rebel Fanfare

Favorite meal: japanese Noodle soup

What stayed from childhood: When I leave my arm hanging off my bed at
night, I still fear some danger in the dark, getting it and I have to pull it back
under the cover.

Life motto: “Just live your life, ther’s no motto”