We are The Fat Cat, a band from Cologne that breaks and transcends musical boundaries. Our music is just as diverse as the taste and style of every member. Our songs use elements of blues, rock, jazz and touch the pop music of various decades. This is how we developed The Fat Cat’s own style, which we call “Modern Vintage Rock”. Combining so many styles brings an immeasurable number of possibilities and ways to write and transport music. We implement this in an innovative and playful way and lead the listener on a journey through an explosive mixture of sound, groove and a lot of interesting details.

Our approach to arranging rhythms, melodies, riffs and sounds has produced an incredible response at numerous concerts. Live, we develop our full potential and radiate pure energy. No concert resembles another one and the songs are carried to a different level. We are always keen to make our music even more detailed and improve ourselves. It does not stay away that some of the finesse is created off the cuff and this is happening live quite often, which makes it so exciting to experience The Fat Cat live.



“When the band THE FAT CAT entered the stage, the first song started and the singer began to sing, a whisper went through the ranks. With her song” Bomb The Beauty “the band already made up great expectations in their teaser video. They call it “Modern Vintage Rock” tehmselves. They seem young and shy, but on the stage they tear everything down with their set. The band consists of a super tight drummer in connection with a super tight bassist. Two very jazzy, rocking guitarists with a lot of finesse for sounds and an exciting multi-voice singing, with a charismatic all-roading frontman, who is also turning his synths. All of this allows great timing changes within the songs and special transitions in songwriting. Super dynamics in the songs. An indescribable mixture of sounds.

Altogether a totally unusual, but absolutely bombastic, very wide and independent sound. Great harmonies with wonderfully worn structures. A band that can reach a lot in the future. THE FAT CAT is the absolutely deserved winner of the 2016 SPH Germany!Congratulations.

It was the first concert of the band outside their home of North Rhine-Westphalia, a great departure into a new era of the band. All in all a young band, which already has a  super wide musicality and mature development. The musical quality was to be seen, heard and felt on the stage. A very varied program and a mega performance.
We are sure the band will be able to play all over Germany soon. We are pleased to have been able to accompany this great band in their development. The entire SPH team is still completely fascinated by the 5 Cologne boys! ”

SPH Bandcontest

“In the middle of the ongoing festival season, the five guys give the audience one of the probably last chance to experience the Cologne hype band in a manageable small club.”

“Stormy Monday”, Blue Shell

The Fat Cat Band is playing together since 2012, making “Modern Vintage Rock”, as they say. What Modern Vintage Rock is, is foundable on their homepage The guys are still very young, but do show influences wich go back to the rock music of the 60’s. Jimi Hendrix, for example, always comes through, and that pleases me. When Hendrix died in 1970, I had become just six, had listen to “Hey Joe” with my larger cousin and he had a wall poster of Hendrix on his wall – with me the influence would be more evidenter.
[…] I did not want to photograph the bandfoto classics, and the guys of The Fat Cat were completely in my opinion. Brainstorming took time, but it was very fruitful. It was really fun to talk with the guys on crazy idea after another. After all, we have decided to combine the subject from two individual pictures, so to speak, a diptych. The theme of the motive is the anger of the poor and powerless among the rich and powerful. After the guys organised a few props for this, it could start. […]

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Jürgen Hermann Krause (Cologne scene photographer)